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at 2015.08.21

Transformation can exist anywhere and everywhere; why should the exalted managerial level be any different, and here the author seeks to show how one can stop being a “stuck-in-the-middle manager and how to start behaving and becoming a 21st century executive.”

This self-help, inspirational book sets out in a mass of relatively short, nugget-sized chapters to help the reader not only help themselves by being a better manager but also help their colleagues along – showing your manager how to better manage in other words. Most people will have experienced a manager or two in their career who you suspect got their management credentials and qualities out of a cereal box. If you are a manager or have managerial aspirations, wouldn’t you rather know you might have a problem before redemption is too late? This book could be the equivalent of your best friend telling you that a bit of deodorant might be in order.

Even if you take away just one point from this book that leads to you being a better manager (or a co-worker, partner or what have you) it will have easily paid for itself. The book offers a lot of possible take away points too.

The author makes a lot of fairly common sense observations that are, of course, obvious when someone points them out to you but not before. Such as a lot of books exist about coaching yourself to be a “top CEO” or being successful when “at the top”. “On the world of business books, everyone apparently wants to be CEO of a company. All of the books I saw were about leading and being in charge. But the fact is most of us are never going to be the CEO of anything. Moreover, many of us do not want to be. What we do want is to survive middle and senior management, contribute to our companies as best we can, and get promoted every now and then. We want to move up without struggling or being ineffectual,” notes the author, correctly identifying that there can be relatively little support for middle managers, despite middle management being a key part of any organisation.

The author has found a good tone or approach with his advice; it is neither patronising nor over-simplified, yet it is offered up with a humorous, glint-in-the-eye tone whilst the actual serving of content is of an interesting, high quality. Showing that there is more to practical management and leadership than pure theory or book learning, the author’s advice could be a little goldmine. Mind you, it depends on whether the reader has adopted the oft-typical “I know it all, I don’t need to change a thing” approach to life and management yet…

In any case, it is a harmless, enjoyable read with a lot of potential in the right hands, hearts and minds.

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Become a 21st Century Executive Book Cover Become a 21st Century Executive
Nigel Dessau
Business & Economics
Infinity Publishing

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