The Toyota Way to Service Excellence cover

The Toyota Way to Service Excellence

It seems that most managers within a production environment have heard about the Toyota Production System and have their own view about how it … (more)

Jobs to be Done cover

Jobs to be Done

Products and services fail regularly to meet customer expectations but what is going wrong? Companies are asking customers what they want and blindly seek … (more)

The Future Workplace Experience cover

The Future Workplace Experience

Our workplaces are in a state of constant change, in part due to technology but also due to wider societal changes. Some of the … (more)

The Attention Merchants cover

The Attention Merchants

Everybody wants our attention and often our money, so it is very big business to try and grab our attention for the benefit of … (more)

The Advertising Solution cover

The Advertising Solution

A simple proposition: get educated about direct marketing and advertising copy (text) that can boost awareness of your brand, get sales and keep customers … (more)

Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership for HR cover

Armstrong’s Handbook of Management and Leadership for HR

This is a book designed for human resources (HR) people to transform them into more efficient managers and leaders as well as to let … (more)

TXT Me cover


We love and are dependent on mobile devices, even if we don’t know it or decline to admit it. Invariably we carry our device … (more)

The Zen of Social Media Marketing cover

The Zen of Social Media Marketing

This book, now in its fourth revised edition, seeks to help the reader navigate the possibly stressful, ever-changing world of social media and hopefully … (more)

The BBC cover


The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is one of the most important institutions in the United Kingdom, delivering radio, television and online programming both to … (more)

The Content Trap cover

The Content Trap

Getting noticed in our digital world has never been easier on one hand, since everybody can be a publisher. Yet as everybody is trying … (more)