Radical Business Model Transformation cover

Radical Business Model Transformation

Business models are everywhere, each one proclaimed as the current “best thing” that will help steer a business forward, re-evaluate its options and work … (more)

Creativity and Data Marketing cover

Creativity and Data Marketing

This is a book for marketing people to help get a handle on the rapidly developing world of data marketing, the use of the … (more)

Trust cover

Trust Factor

Trust is a key element of a company being successful and prospering. In this book the neuroscientist author shows how a culture-shift and move … (more)

Why Sell Tacos in Africa? cover

Why Sell Tacos in Africa?

Designed to be a life-changing type of book that aims to inspire and educate about business and life success, this curiously titled thing might … (more)

Rethinking Reputational Risk cover

Rethinking Reputational Risk

It seems clear that it is very easy to damage your company’s reputation, often through inadvertent activities or just a lack of care, yet … (more)

E-Commerce Website Optimization cover

E-Commerce Website Optimization

It can be quite difficult to attract visitors to a website and once you have got them there, perhaps as few as one in … (more)

Malcolm Mcdonald on Marketing Planning cover

Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning

Very nice! A helpful, useful and information-packed, extensively revised second edition of this practical guide to marketing planning. Whether you are working on advertising, … (more)

Introduction to Global Logistics cover

Introduction to Global Logistics

The worldwide logistics industry seems to be constantly changing, with new opportunities available as well as many challenges and potential problems. Keeping track of … (more)

Powerhouse cover


This is certainly a different book, offering an insight into a small group of successful organisations or systems, to see what makes them tick … (more)


If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat!

A curious title sets off this somewhat different, informative and thought-provoking book about how to find a position for long-term company growth.

This book … (more)