The Great Mistake cover

The Great Mistake

Public universities in the United States have been “wrecked” and higher education is in crisis, yet things can still be saved and turned around, … (more)

Leading International Projects cover

Leading International Projects

International projects come with their own set of challenges yet many people just assume that what (sometimes) works for domestic projects can also be … (more)

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation cover

Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation

This is a quite specialist book that builds on the original Four Levels of Training Evaluation by Don Kirkpatrick to bring it up-to-date and … (more)

Game of Loans cover

Game of Loans

College tuition fees and high levels of student debt in the United States is a growing concern for many and even news of this … (more)

Improve Your Communication Skills cover

Improve Your Communication Skills

The title says it all – improve your communication skills – and this revised and updated version of a basic, well-received book does what … (more)

Learning Analytics cover

Learning Analytics

It is one thing to introduce training and development programmes for employees, yet far too many companies don’t really measure and analyse the benefits … (more)

The Signals Are Talking cover

The Signals Are Talking

Is your antenna in tune? Are you looking forward and trying to scan what the future may bring, or are you looking the other … (more)

What Customers Crave cover

What Customers Crave

Knowing what your customers desire and then seeking to deliver it, often with a personal or memorable twist, is a sure way of cementing … (more)

Customer Experience Branding cover

Customer Experience Branding

Customers today are on the whole better-informed, wield more power and can be harder to attract, yet once you have managed to hook them … (more)

The Grass is Browner on the Other Side cover

The Grass is Browner on the Other Side

There is no shortage of books that promise to help make and mould you into a top-performing, elite salesperson and inevitably many seem to … (more)