Workstorming cover


Communication is key every time and this book sets out to show you how to communicate better and more effectively at work. Whether … (more)

Dealing With Difficult People cover

Dealing With Difficult People

A simple concept presented in a simple guide, namely how to deal with difficult people in whatever situation you may encounter them. It … (more)

Marketing with Strategic Empathy, cover

Marketing with Strategic Empathy

Know your customer is a very old maxim but in today’s business world you really should try and know as much about your … (more)

Tactical SEO cover

Tactical SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is ever-changing and there is no shortage of advice about how to get your website noticed by the likes … (more)

Why Aren't They Shouting? cover

Why Aren’t They Shouting?

The financial world has changed, both for good and bad, yet some of the character and colour has been ripped away with the … (more)

Chaos Monkeys cover

Chaos Monkeys

Prepare to be taken on a personal deep-dive inside the Silicon Valley tech world, exposing you to some of the highs, lows and … (more)

Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner?

Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?

Can this reviewer butcher the phrase or idiom “No man is an island” and shoehorn it to state that there is also the … (more)

Predictable Prospecting

Predictable Prospecting

Kickstart your B2B sales channel with intelligent and predictable prospecting; this is the promise of this book that dangles the expectation of rapid, … (more)

That's Not How We Do It Here!

It’s Not How We Do It Here!

Billed as a story about how organizations rise, fall and can rise again, this graphically rich book is presented in the form of … (more)

The 4G Mobile Revolution

The 4G Mobile Revolution

Despite its title, this is not a technical book looking at the way 4G mobile phone networks are changing our mobile lives. Instead … (more)